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BBWRelationships Community Watch

BBWRelationships Community Watch

BBWRelationships Community Watch:

We at BBWRelationships strive to keep our community free of Scammers and people that don’t follow site rules, but sometimes a few slip through and we need your help to keeping our community honest and members follow site rules.

We are asking you our members to help with this, if you see anyone not following site rules we would like for you to report them by using the report button in the offending person profile. If we find that the report has merit, you will receive in return a 30 day Bronze VIP membership as a reward, but there are some rules that need to be followed. This will be specified after we tell you what is considered reportable actions.

Reportable Actions

1- Contact info in profile, no contact info is allowed in profile beyond where indicted, you can’t place contact information in the Introduction or What I want in a ANR text areas of a profile
2- Solicitation of any sorts, this includes anything that wants anything of monetary value in exchanged for services, or just asking for money, gift cards.
3- Threatening behavior or harassment of any kind, if you see it report it, if it’s happening to you report it.
4- Solicitations of any sort for anything whatsoever, doesn't matter what it is.
5- Any verbiage in any profile that even mentions escorts in any form whatsoever, this is a absolute no go and that person will be banned immediately.

Items that must be supplied with report to get the 30 day VIP upgrade.

1- Must supply a screen shot of the offending profile showing contact info or solicitations in the profile.
2- Screen shot of any text online to the site showing solicitations or any threats or harassment (if any is done off line from the site you must supply a screenshot of that person message to you giving their off line contact info along with a screen shot of any messages that violate site rules)

We will investigate all reports and will reward upgrades after the investigation is concluded. We will message you at the start of the investigation to let you know that we started looking into it.

Violators of company rules consequences

1- Contact info in profile, 1st time violators will be messaged about offense and profiled edited by an administrator or site support person; second violation will be banned from the site.
2- Solicitations, Threatening behavior, Harassment, will be banned from the site on 1st offense.